TATCOIN: Tips On How To Become A Millionaire In This Decade Just With 50$ Investment

Do you have the dream of becoming a millionaire or being financially independent think of Tatcoin the African most valuable utility token and the best investment you can make in this decade?
I believe we all know the story of Bitcoin in 2010 when one Bitcoin was sold at the rate of 1$ thou many people didn’t invest in it them and are pretty sure that those that didn’t invest in Bitcoin when the prize was 1$ is seriously regretting not being part of opportunity then.
In this article, we will be unboxing the future of Africa at large in the place of Africa most valuable utility token.

Just as we are being known for our tremendous effort in putting through some steps on how to become financially independent, tips on personal finance and loans.
Anytime you hear of Cryptocurrency the only thing that will come to your mind is Bitcoin…..amyway that’s normal because Bitcoin is the king of crypto.

We aren’t talking about Bitcoin here let’s focus on African most valuable utility token, a newly launched Crytpcurrency in Africa which is said to be the most Africa valuable utility token.
I think we’ve had enough of the loan talk lets get down to business, let’s explain everything you need to know about Tatcoin (African most valuable utility token).

What is Tatcoin?

Tatcoin is the native token for the ABiTNetwork. It will serve as the transactional Currency for all of ABiTNetwork’s products. The African most valuable utility token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC20 compatible token and will be traded on Crypto Exchanges when released for Circulation.
Haven known what the African most valuable utility is all about so let’s go to the Abitnetwork
The Abitnetwork

What is Abitnetwork

The Abitnetwork is a team of individuals who are passionate about changing the financial condition of all African’s.
Their goal is to empower Africa at large with the right and valuable knowledge of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency.

Tatcoin Address

If you happen to encounter any problem while registering on the African most valuable utility token or need any assistance nor have any questions you can visit the Tatcoin head office at Block 68, Plot 17, Abike Suliaman, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Tatcoin contact number/customer care service

You can reach out to Tatcoin or the Abitnetwork team for inquiry or assistance maybe in your registration or on your investment at +234 806 578 0192, they are 24 hours open to attend to questions and to provide assistance.

Tatcoin email address

Do you wish to know more about the African most valuable utility token, do you have any question or inquiry to make feel free to reach out to Tatcoin support on support@abitcrowd.com

How to buy Tatcoin

Here is the most interesting and most important part of this content, that is how you can invest, get started or buy the African most valuable token.
Do you wish to take part in the Pre-Public Sale on Tatcoin? if yes is your answer then follow the steps below.
Firstly, have it at the back of your mind that the minimum investment you can make on Tatcoin during this Pre-Public Sale is 50$ which is 1667 thousand worth of Tatcoins.

  • Go to the Tatcoin official website by clicking HERE.
  • At the top of the website, you will see login and register click on the register if you want to register then click on login if you already have an account with them.
  • Fill in your details like your name, phone number, email address, and residence address..note that the email address and phone number you will provide most be valid should in case you want to recover your account.
  • After filling the required details click on submit.
  • finally, log into your account and start your investment journey.

Note that the minimum amount you can invest is 50$ and above for during this Pre-Public Sale.

How to make a payment on Tatcoin

The African most valuable token has only three verified means through which their customers buy and invest  and they are listed below;

  • You can make a payment or buy with your card (Visa and master card).
  • You can make a payment or by using Bitcoin, Eutherumand Binance coin.
  • You can make a payment or buy Tatcoin through one of their verified agents online.

How much can I make from my investment on Tatcoin?

You can make a lot of money from the African most valuable token if you are lucky enough to be among the early investors, what we mean by early investors are those that invested in the African most valuable token when the prize was 1cent that 0.01 and those that bought when the prize was 3cent that is 0.03.

Let’s take, for instance, you bought 10,000 Tatcoin worth of 100$ when the prize was 1cent that was on September 1st, 2019 to December 24th, 2019, which was said to be the seed sale, during the Pre-Public Sale which started from 25th December 2019 and will be ending at 29th March, the coin will be sold at 3cent per coin, you should be expecting 200$ gain…you see how much you will be making just with 100$ investment.

Let’s blow your mind the more, what if the prize of 1 Tatcoin hit 1$ and you have 10,000 Tatcoin..hmmm you are already a multimillionaire and if it happens to hit 100$ per Tatcoin and you still have the same 10,000 Tatcoin you will make 1million dollars which is roughly 360million naira.

I guess we all know the story of Gaius Chibueze popularly know as Bitcoin_Chief on Instagram who is now a multimillionaire if not a billionaire just what a One Hundred Thousand naira Bitcoin investment in 2010.

He invested in Bitcoin when the price of Bitcoin was 1$ per coin which is roughly 180 naira back then in 2010. That Bitcoin that was sold at 1$ per coin is now 3.4Million naira per coin…hmmm what and opportunity we missed, anyway worry not Tatcoin is here so we brotherly advised that you invest heavily on Tatcoin and enjoy later.

Is Tatcoin legit?

We believe that you might be bothered whether Tatcoin is legit or not, yes we can boldly say that Tatcoin is 100% legit looking at the number of people who had turned up that is investing on Tatcoin, they have gathered above 174 thousand dollars from last year 2019 September till now so you don’t need to doubt whether Tatcoin is legit or not kindly join the moving train and thank us later.

What is the minimum investment that I can make?

The minimum investment is $50. This is equivalent to 18,250 in Naira.

Can I use the Tatcoin to make physical purchases?

Yes, you can. Just make sure to confirm that the merchant or seller accepts cryptocurrencies as payment.

Can I buy Tatcoin using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, you can use other cryptocurrencies to buy Tatcoin.

Wrap Up on Tatcoin

If you missed Bitcoin at 1$ don’t miss Tatcoin at 3cent, we hope you enjoyed our article and we also hope you will invest in Tatcoin when I say invest I mean investing heavily.

Certainly, before the end of this 2020, the African most valuable token will hit an unexpected prize and those that invested on it will leave to enjoy the rest of their hard work.

If you have any questions concerning Tatcoin whether how to buy or anything feel free to reach us through our contact page, we are 24 hours available to assist you.

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