Page Financials: Get Instant N5Million Naira Loan Within 3 Hours, Apply Now

Do you need urgent financial support to fix your immediate problem, pay bills, medical checkup or emergency traveling? think of Page Financials and get it disbursed in your bank account in less than 3 hours.

The page financials loan is strictly designed for salary earners living in Lagos state and Ibadan, that is to say, if you aren’t employed or working under an organization whether public and private, you can access the page financials loan.

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As an employed individual with a very good credit score that is to say not having other unpaid debts, you can access loans ranging from N200,000 to N5,000,000 direct to their bank account within 3 hours of the application once you get approved.

Note that all loan application is subject to a credit check before the final loan approval and disbursement.

How to apply for a Page Financials loan

Below are a few steps on how you can apply successfully on the loan;

  • First, visit the official website by clicking HERE
  • Then fill in the required fields ” BVN, Personal details, Employer details, Loan details, Account details, and Bank statement”.
  • Finally click on submit, patiently wait for the approval.

Page Financials requirements

What are the requirements for getting a loan from Page Financials?

Below are the basic requirements for getting a substantial loan from this loan provider;

  • Employment or offer letter.
  • Evidence of six months’ salary.
  • A valid means of identification.
  • BVN “Bank verification number”.
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The most interesting part of this loan is that the disbursement takes less than 3 hours once your application is approved.

Furthermore, the loan provider has many loan packages and you must be working under an organization either public or private and most be in Lagos state or Ibadan.

Your BVN will be required to make some verification check on you and also it enables them to access your creditworthiness that is the amount of loan they can disburse to you or if you are qualified to access a loan from the Page financials, most importantly, it is also a standard CBN process for KYC. You don’t need to be afraid, your BVN and other personal details which will be required from you are 100% safe with them.

Page Financials interest rate

The page financials does not have any specific loan interest rate, this means that the interest rate depends on different factors which include the amount you borrowed tenor and current salary.

Page Financials loan repayment

How can I repay my Page Financials loan?

The primary Page financials loan repayment is done via REMITA which helps in easy repayment of loan and reconciliation and their secondary loan repayment is done through “DDM” which is the Direct Debit Mandate, and also online repayment and cheques.

Your Page Financials loan repayment will be due on your salary day and note that there are no charges during the loan repayment or during the loan application unlike other loan providers that will request for some charges while applying for their loan and some will even deny you access to loans even after collecting big amount of money as charges from you.

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Page Financials loan App

Apart from applying through the there official website, you can as well apply for the loan through there a mobile app, all you need to do is to go to your Google play store and search for the App then download, install and fill in the required fields then wait for your loan to be approved.

Page Financial investment

The Page Financials does not only focus on providing loans for salary earners living in Lagos state and Ibadan but they also have there investment program where you can earn up to 17% on your investment and it will be directly paid into your page account.

The Page Financials investment product is called Page investment and as we said before, you can earn up to 17% of your investment and it will be directly paid into your Page account withing some minutes.

Page investment minimum amount.

What is the minimum amount I can invest in my Page investment of Page Financials?

The minimum amount you can invest in the Page investment is N200,000 and there is no maximum this means that you can invest as high as you want, depending on your pocket size.

Page investment minimum tenor on Page Financials

The minimum number of days “tenor” you can invest your money on Page investment is  60 days this means that you cannot withdraw your profit if it’s not yet up to 60 days you invested it.

Note that you can close down your investment on the Page Financials if there any urgent financial need and a token will be charged on the interest incurred.

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Note that all interest is paid into your Page investment account on monthly bases, quarterly, annually or upon maturity.

Also, you can get your interest upfront with investment placed for a minimum of 90 days.

Are there any associated charges on the Page investment?

There are no hidden or extra charges. However, there is a 10% withholding tax to be charged on the accrued interest and that’s all.

How to start investing in Page Financials investment

Starting your investment journey on Page Financial investment is pretty easy just follow the four most effective steps listed below;

  • Firstly submit a completed account opening form.
  • Secondly, submit a documentary Evidence of Address.
  • Thirdly submit 1 Passport photograph.
  • Then finally a valid ID.

Page Financials head office

The loan provider designed for salary earners in Lagos state and Ibadan has three head office, which is two in Lagos state and one in Ibadan and they are listed below;

23, Norman Williams Street, S/W Ikoyi, Lagos.

Ikeja Office: 29, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

Ibadan Office: 67, Mokola – Dugbe Road, Ibadan.

Page Financials contact number/ email address.

Are having any problem applying for the loan, making repayment, during your investment or you have an inquiry you want to make? feel free to reach out to the Page financials customer care service on +234 (0)1 631 or through Email:

Wrap Up

If you ain’t employed within Lagos and Ibadan don’t think of access loan from Page Financials because you will definitely not get approved and for those who are not employed or does who don’t leave in Lagos and Ibadan you ain’t left behind, you can still check out Carbon Paylater and Branch loan.

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